O2EM Downloads

official versions homepage: o2em.sourceforge.net


this is my unofficial port of the Videopac/Odyssey2 Emulator O2EM based on V1.17, here's the latest changelog, so you can find out if you want to stick to the official release or my port


V 1.17.4 - Windows Binary - o2em1174win.zip

V 1.17.4 - Source - o2em1174src.zip

V 1.17.3 - Source - o2em1173src.zip

V 1.17.2 - Source - o2em1172src.zip

V 1.17.1 - Source - o2em1171src.zip



guide to compile your own version of O2EM:


Step 1: downloading the necessary files:


O2EM Source Code: http://o2em.sourceforge.net/

(Download the Windows Source Code of the latest version)


the C-Compilers recommended in the doc-File:

MinGW: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw/

Download this file:


and download the mingw32-make, which is contained in this file:


(I have tried the other mingw32-make which are offered seperatly, but the one included in this package seems to be the only one able to compile the allegro package ... if you find out something different, please LET ME KNOW !!!)


the Allegro-Library: http://alleg.sourceforge.net/

Download this file:



the Direct-X mgw File from the same page:




Step 2: Install the Compiler


ok, first install the MinGW (base install is enough) in a directory of your choice ... if you choose a directory with spaces (eg. "Program Files") you may have to use the 8.3 Filename in later steps. After the installer downloads all files (should be 4), copy all of them in your MinGW directory (overwrite existing files)

Include the bin\ directory of MinGW in your path (Control Panel/System/Environmet Variables -> append to the PATH Variable: C:\Program Files\MinGW\bin;

Unpack "make" into the compiler directory

If you enter "gcc" in a command line window in any directory, you should NOT get a message that the file is not found !! (Restart may be necessary)

If you enter "mingw32-make" in a command line window in any directory, you should NOT get a message that the file is not found !! (Restart may be necessary)



Step 3: Installing Allegro for MinGW


Unpack the allegro files into a subdirectory of your MinGW directory.

Unpack the "Direct-X" File into your Compiler (=MinGW) directory, NOT in the allegro subdirectory.

Next set the Enviroment Variable "MINGDIR" to you MinGW Directory. To do so go to Control Panel/System/Environmet Variables and add the Variable "MINGDIR" with the Value of your directory. ATTENTION: If you used a space you have to use the 8.3 Filename now, eg.: C:\PROGRA~1\MinGW


Next: enter the allegro directory and enter the following commands inside the command window:

fix mingw32


mingw32-make install


ok, thatís it, the compiler is now setup to use the allegro libraries and should be able to compile o2em now ... which leads us to



Step 4: Compiling o2em


go to the o2emsrc directory and rename the file "makefile.mgw" to "makefile"

Another thing to do: in the makefile is a target "clean", which uses "rm -f" a command, which is not known to windows, so change that to "del -f"



"make clean" to clean the compiled files

"make all" to build o2em.exe and dis48.exe


if all went well, you should have compiled yourself an o2em now ...